From RocketBallz To RocketBladez

First, TaylorMade brought you RocketBallz, but RocketBladez is the next company innovation that will grab golfers, according to company president and CEO Mark King.

The new iron is designed to promote high launch and long, straight ball-flight for all skill levels through the use of a “Speed Pocket,” used in the RocketBallz fairway woods and Rescue clubs.

RocketBladez sets consist of 11 individually designed clubheads, each tailored in size, shape and features to enhance distance, control and feel.

“Metalwoods have advanced tremendously since TaylorMade introduced the first one in 1979,” said King.

“The ball has advanced too, and even footwear and apparel have improved a great deal, but there hasn’t been a significant advancement in irons since the perimeter-weighted cavity back was introduced more than 50 years ago,” he added.

“The Speed Pocket changes that – it’s a once-in-a-lifetime innovation in the iron category,” said King.

The Speed Pocket is designed to flex and reflex at impact in order to add speed to the clubface to increase ball speed and launch angle.

The Speed Pocket is filled with a specially formulated polyurethane to quite vibration without significantly slowing or inhibiting the flex of the pocket, while also keeping debris out.

To go along with a face that is 11 per cent thinner than any other company iron, TaylorMade has added up to 10 COR points to the face compared to the Burner 2.0 irons to promote less drop-off in ball speed on impacts low on the face, where most mis-hits occur.

The two millimetre wide Speed Pocket is incorparated in the three through seven iron in the RocketBladez and are fashioned from fast, high-strength stainless steel with an improved Inverted Cone design.

Consistent distance gaps between clubs is made possible through management of the Speed Pocket, Inverted Cone, face thickness, centre of gravity location, loft and shaft length.

“We created RocketBladez irons for amateurs, but when our tour staff pros tried it, they wanted it,” said King.

“We created a Tour version and they love it. It’s the first distance-oriented iron to be played on tour,” he said.

“The genius of the Speed Pocket is that, not only does it deliver more speed for more distance, it delivers consistent speed, so shots fly a consistent distance. That combination of speed and consistent distance is what made the eyes of our tour pros light up,” he said.

TaylorMade Rocketbladez

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